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29th June 2022

Finally, the new website is live!

A little later than expected, but I have finally finished designing the essential look of this website. I'll still have to polish some elements here and there along with adding some missing content, which has been prior to the design update. Nonetheless, it should give a basic understanding of what projects I have done in the past and what I'm currently working on.

Since. I'm primarily working as a web developer, I have decided to market myself more in that direction. I might go back to game development one day, but it's not something I see in the near future. However, I'm still planning to do a music album and it's slowly taken form. Hopefully, I'll have the time to finish it soon.

Anyway, next stop will be working on the missing bits and afterwards the SEO. As of now, I'll take a small break from here and focus more on working for my clients.