DS Audual 1.0.2

Name:DS Audual
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DS Audual 1.0.2 change log
  • It's possible to use the keys on your keyboard to compose, instead of just using the mouse button. ENTER when working on the keyboard and keys from 0 to 9 when working on the guitar.
  • Note sheet names on the sides when working on the keyboard. It can be set to either "On" or "Off" in View -> Instruments.
  • The program doesn't force you to complete an incomplete bar after pressing "Play" anymore. If the bar is too short, the program will automatically fill out the holes with breaks. If it's too long, it will then simply mark the bar in red.
  • Polished minor things.
  • Takes little less memory now compared to the previous version.

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DS Audual 1.1.0

  • Strings light up when they get hit.
  • Light effects when choosing a bar.
  • Smooth fade in/fade out transit... read more

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