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DS Audual 1.0.2 Released!
16th February 2017

This new version should make it easier and faster to compose your music.

Info/Download Page:

Some bugs that still need to be fixed:
1. There are still a few issues with the un-redo feature, especially when you use it after you have changed instruments.

2. There are also some problems when changing from and to the guitar bass instrument.

3. When playing a composition, you can sometimes hear a click here and there, but that shouldn't happen right after you have loaded a new composition file.

These were probably the most noticeable bugs. I'll try to fix them and upload a new version of the program when I find time for it.

  • It's possible to use the keys on your keyboard to compose, instead of just using the mouse button. ENTER when working on the keyboard and keys from 0 to 9 when working on the guitar.
  • Note sheet names on the sides when working on the keyboard. It can be set to either "On" or "Off" in View -> Instruments.
  • The program doesn't force you to complete an incomplete bar after pressing "Play" anymore. If the bar is too short, the program will automatically fill out the holes with breaks. If it's too long, it will then simply mark the bar in red.
  • Polished minor things.
  • Takes little less memory now compared to the previous version.

DS Audual 1.0 Released!
6th February 2017

I'm finally releasing my composition program, which it's called DS Audual. DS as for Dannek Studio and Audual connected from the words audio and visual. I use the word "audio", because I also want this software to act as a sound effect maker and not just a music maker. Manipulating audio from the ground up or edit an already existing one, is one of my main goals with this software. Besides the audio, I also include visual effects to make the sound more "alive", and this is also something I want to work more on in the future; motions, animations and more lights effects combined with sound.

You can download the full version of DS Audual for free here. Any feedback is appreciated!

If you want this project to get developed faster and make yourself more known, you can donate to my Patreon page here. From there, I will also put your name and the name of your website/profile page in the credits under the "Donations" section in every project that I make or of your choice. For every time I upload a video demonstration of a new update for a project to the Internet, the donation section inside that project will also be shown to the viewer, which can give you a little traffic boost. Even as little as $0.01 will do it!

Happy New Year everyone!
1st January 2017

I want to say a huge thank you to those who tried out Survivorian in the year 2016. Here are some videos of people playing the game:



Rappingj - Gaming



And also a huge thank you to those who spread the word about this game and my projects.

Hey everyone!

I'm back again. I have been in the army for 4 months voluntarily, because I wanted to challenge myself and push myself even further which I feel I managed to do. Also, I feel I have learned a lot in those months, especially being outside in the woods and being taught everything from surviving to tactic combat. The education period is 4 months where the 30th November was the last day for me, so therefore, I'm starting to search for a new job again.

I also plan on doing some of the stuff which I did before, such as programming, making some music and sound effects again. I couldn't do much of those things, since I have been sleeping in the barracks and not at home.

Anyway, more and more people are starting to ask me if I could release the composition program I use for my music. I might start focus more on this program than on Survivorian for a moment, so I can fix and add the stuff I want before releasing the the program. If I find the time for it, I'll release it this month.

There are still a few known bugs that I haven't fixed yet, but I'll do it in another day when I got more time for it.

Survivorian change log
  • The energy doesn't get reduced in the tutorial.
  • Fixed the pick up and drop bug after an AI has drunk from a big puddle.
  • Fixed the slow walking movement of the player and the AIs when they are swimming.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

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DS Audual 1.0.2
16th February 2017

  • It's possible to use the keys on your keyboard to compose, instead of just using the mouse button. ENTER when workin... read more

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